Understanding Your Propane Water Heater

Propane water heaters use considerably less energy than your standard electric water heater which will save you money on that energy bill. You also have the ability to control the temperature you want the water very easily. It also heats your water extremely fast! Depending on what size of water heater you get, the propane water heater can get you through all your hot water needs. Just for reference, our 50 Gallon tank will fulfill a couple of showers a day and a few loads of dishes. The benefits of our propane water heater include:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Long lifespan
  • Can control heat easily

Propane water heaters have been relatively popular throughout their history. If you have any questions, concerns, or want a quote, contact us today!

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propane water heater

Propane-fueled water heaters offer many advantages. Operating costs are typically lower than other types of water heaters. The recovery rates are also quicker. Smaller storage space requirements free up much needed space. Propane water heaters also offer a continuous hot water supply and more accurate temperature adjustment. Because they are fueled by propane, the risk of power problems is reduced.

Most propane water heaters come in a bottom-burner configuration. Hot water is held in a thermostatically controlled storage tank. These water heaters can produce up to four times as much hot water as an electric model. Propane water heaters come in the following sizes: 30, 40, 50, and 75 gallon.

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